Petteri Lehikoinen


Birds are a calling to me. While I’m delighted to hear them calling wherever I go I’m doing my best calling on into their world and especially calling upon them to reveal their secrets. At the beginning birds were only a hobby – although quite serious one – but eventually turned out to be a profession. My interest in birds is broad ranging from ringing to science, from population monitoring to sitting in museums studying specimens, you name it. I’ve come to realize that the relationship with birds is changing during time. Unfortunately bird watching in general – and especially twitching – is not as exciting as it used to be as a youngster. I seldom go out – or have time – to just do birding as it is. Nowadays I prefer having a purpose or a goal which has more than just recreational values (which I also do appreciate!). The purposes can be anything from doing my share in bird monitoring counts to investigating new identification criteria on difficult taxa or guiding beginners into the magnificent world of birds and birding. Occasionally you bump into something which is fascinating or expands your understanding. These are the things I want to share in this blog as they might be of interest also to someone else. Posts may not be regular but I’d rather have something to say when posting.

Currently I am working as a PhD student in the Finnish Museum of Natural History, where I also have a post as a Senior Museum Technician with bird ringing and monitoring. The work in my PhD thesis concentrates on examining the role and efficiency of conservation measures on birds under climate and environmental changes. I also have privilege to work as a visiting researcher in the Department of Biology in Lund University. Besides the academic career we have together with a couple of birding mates put up a company called Avescapes which provides bird guiding services all around the world. We also help birds to get out from facilities where they shouldn’t be – and where they would otherwise usually end up dead. In addition I’m a member of the Finnish Rarity Committee which deepens my interest to bird identification.